Jesús Sanz Arribas
The author of these “Analytical Musical Schematics” is JESÚS SANZ ARRIBAS, a teacher of music, with a long career which has included Elementary Schools, High Schools and specialist centres (Music Schools and Conservatoires).

He has carried out, and still continues to do so, important work in imparting specific courses on analytical-intellectual listening for specialist teachers, who are shown these novel teaching resources, and the efficient results which are obtained from their application to the understanding of classical music, through the works of the great composers, such as the symphonies of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, for example, or smaller works by many other composers.

In short, these MUSICAL SCHEMATICS make it possible for the listener to understand the musical sense of the work and the many aspects and subtleties with which composers aim to delight us, which generate an enjoyment which is qualitatively superior in our intellect.

David Sanz Kirbis
In order to help even more with the aim of the author of these Outlines, DAVID SANZ KIRBIS, a computer expert and notable listener, set out to create a computer programme which is extremely simple to handle, and of a surprising interactive versatility, which he called “AUDIMUS“. The choice of this word has a double meaning: the first, since it is a Latin verb meaning “we hear”, and the second, as it makes reference to the Spanish words “AUDIciones MUSicales”

Using AUDIMUS, in which the Schemes are previously synchronised with a certain recording (you can synchronise any version of the same work), the user will not only follow the performance in detail from beginning to end but he will also be able to locate on the Scheme any point of the performance in a direct manner, repeating passages as many times as he wishes simply by moving the band on the display to the right or to the left by means of the pointer.