User’s guide

The following download includes:

  1. AUDIMUS Programme: Details of operation
  2. Abbreviations: Of terms, names, instruments, etc
  3. Glossary of terms: Specific definitions of the terms used
  4. Formal structures: Literal expressions of the Musical Forms
  5. Challenges of self-examination: Gradual bids for self-examination.

Download (PDF)

Syncronized practice

  1. Practice 1 : On the “tempo” and rhythms
  2. Practice 2 : On musical “dynamics” –intensity or volume of sounds-
  3. Practice 3 : On the “timbre” –the orchestral families and their instruments-
  4. Practice 4 : On the musical content and its organisation
  5. Practice 5 : On the  “listening with comprehension” to the whole work

In order to see these practices your browser should support Flash. If you do not have it installed, you can download the plugin by clicking here.

Syncronized Examples



The recordings which are used here are taken directly from old vinyl records; there are therefore certain faults and deficiencies which we are sure that you will forgive, since the purpose of these Synchronised Schemes is not that of doing business with any particular instrumental version, but of showing the user how to follow the course of the musical compositions, helped by certain rules or explanations where each and every one of the rhythms of the score is reflected.